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BE*Peppone des Sorcières  * 09.07.2019 /  red-silver-classic-tabby

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Peppone - 2 years + 5,5 months old

Peppone is the grandson of our beloved boy Zippo and our Mia and we hope that with him, we will manage to restart our breeding program after having had quite a lot of bad luck with our males in the past. Already a few days after Peppone was born, it was clear that he would be living with us and we are more than happy about our decision.

Peppone has everything we would wish for - a straight profile, strong chin and perfectly placed, big ears as well as being strongly built. But the most important thing about him is his wonderful and friendly temperament - after only a few days, he made friends with our other cats and with us and now, he purrs, when we just look at him. He is a real sunbeam and we honestly hope that he will be the breeding male that we have longed for for so many months...

Thank you so much to Claudine for him - we promise that we will take excellent care of him.

Peppone is father of our H3-Litter and of our O3-Litter.

pedigree / more photos

Link to his breeder: BE*Des Sorcières

SI*Forest Paws Ash  * 04.03.2021 /  black-classic-tabby

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Ash - almost 10 months old

Of course, we had to search for a new male for the two daughters that we kept of our male Peppone and with our Ash, we have another adorable sunbeam at home

Ash is a strongly built young boy with a lovely triangular head with a straight profile, a good chin and perfectly placed big ears with XXL lynx tips. He has a very beautiful clear classic tabby pattern (according to his pedigree, he should be silver, but we are convinced that he isn't silver after all, but a very handsome boy in black-classic-tabby). Ash has big paws and a very strong and long body.

The most wonderful thing about him is his adorable temperament: he purrs whenever we look at him and puts his whole head and body into our hands whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is absolutely adorable and we are more than in love with him!

Thank you so much, dear Tadeja, for letting us share our lives with this adorable sunbeam - we will take good care of him, that's a promise

pedigree / more photos

Link to his breeder: SI*Forest Paws

Yonas Ewadar's*PL  * 28.06.2021 /  red-classic-tabby/white

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Yonas - 7 months old

Of course, it is a challenge to have four fertile males at home and we are well aware that it will be difficult, especially since we do not lock our males away and certainly don't put them in any kind of outdoor enclosures. All our cats live with us as full family members-

But when I saw the first photos of Yonas, I fell in love right away and had to have him against all reason and I was very happy that his breeder agreed to send him over to us Now, we are really very happy to have him here with us in spite of the difficult Corona situation!

Yonas is an extremely large and heavy boy with everything a breeder could wish for: he has a fantastic triangular head, a ruler straight profile, a strong chin, perfectly placed big ears with little lynx tips. He is very strongly built and has lots of fur already as a kitten... His tail could be a bit longer but apart from this, he is just perfect to us

Yonas settled in with us within a few days and made friends with us and our other cats - he is absolutely friendly and uncomplicated. He purrs as soon as we talk to him

Thanks again to Ewa for this adorable red treasure - we promise that we will take excellent care of him.

pedigree / more photos

Link to his breeder: Ewadar's*PL