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World Champion S*Beyond American Girl  * 13.11.2007 /  blue / white

(HCM negative - tested 10.11.2009, 24.11.2011 and 19.11.2015 by Dr. Kresken)

(GSD IV normal - Laboklin 10/2008)

American Girl - 5 years + 2,5 months old

Our "Blueberry Girl" is absolutely terrific... When I saw the planned mating at the S*Beyond plans-page, I was so thrilled that I had to directly write an email to this breeder hoping that she would consider me for one of these future kittens... Not only does our blue mouse have a gorgeous and beautiful mother (Ch. S*Rockringen's Gasolina) out of the cattery that I have always adored so much, but she has also this special male as her father that is in my view - directly after Pan's Truls - the best example of his breed: EC S*Heaven Hill's Big Bang! I almost couldn't believe it when after some long months of waiting time, I finally got the confirmation that this blue and white four-pawed dream would be mine...

American Girl, or Girly - as we call her - is a very large and strongly built girl with a long body and the expression of her father. She has a fantastic triangular head with a straight profile and wonderful big ears with XXL-lynx tips. She has a very friendly temperament and managed to charm us completely within only a few moments:-)

Our big thanks go to Bibbi (S*Beyond) and her twin-sister Barbro (S*Rockringen's), that they have made this dream come true for us. We promise that we will always take good care of this special girl

Unfortunately, Girly did not get pregnant again after her third litter even though we tried with different males - so we decided with a heavy heart to have her neutered in July 2013. After the neutering surgery, our vet told us that Girly had a huge cyst on one of her ovaries which explained why she couldn't get pregnant anymore. She now enjoys her life as a happy neuter with us and we are so happy to be able to keep her here with us. We are very happy to be able to continue these very special and wonderful lines in our breeding program.

American Girl is the mother of our following litters: N2-Litter, B2-Litter and V2-Litter.

pedigree / more photos

Link to her breeder: S*Beyond

Show results (total 20 shows / all German shows with 2 judgements per day): 9 x BIV, 14 x nom., 7 x BIS, 4 x BOB

World Champion D*Koeni's Zippo  *04.08.2012 - red-smoke (non-agouti confirmed - genetest by Laboklin 04/2013)

HCM: negative - tested 15.11.2013, 30.10.2014 and 18.09.2017 by Dr. Kresken

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n - Biofocus 11/2013

Zippo - 2 years + 6,5 months old

Finally, we have our red male! I had been searching for a red male for such a long time - I wanted him to be classic and preferably also with silver and now, we got such a male in our own litter   So the decision to keep him was already made when he was just born...

Zippo is a very big and strongly built boy with a very beautiful triangular head, a ruler straight profile, strong chin, perfectly placed ears with small lynx tips and very stunning green eyes. He has strong legs and big paws and a long tail. In short, Zippo is very close to being perfect in our eyes   In addition to his outer qualities, he has an absolutely adorable temperament and purrs when we just look at him. He loves having his belly rubbed and is just soooo adorable!

Zippo ended his show carreer with the highest possible title. His show results are really very amazing!

We are more than happy that our dream of a red boy finally became reality. To us, he is perfect inside and outside.

On 27.02.2019, Zippo was neutered and will now enjoy his retirement with us.

Zippo is the father of our following litters: B3-Litter, G3-Litter, F3-Litter, Q3-Litter, A3-Litter

Zippo is the father of the "G2-Litter of Dandy Blue".

pedigree / more photos

Show results (total 31 shows / some German shows with 2 judgements per day): 21 x BIV, 29 x nom., 27 x BIS, 1 x Best own bred kitten SLH, 22 x BOB, 8 x BOA, 2 x 1st place in the Allbreed ring/special Forest Cats (MCO, SIB, NFO), 1 x BOA Class of Honour, 1 x Two-Day-Winner

D*Koeni's Serafina  * 17.08.2015 /  blue-tortie

HCM: negative - tested 18.09.2017 by Dr. Kresken

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Serafina - almost 6 years old

Serafina is our star of both eyes - she had an extremely difficult start into life and in the first weeks, she was a real "problem child" for whose life we had to fight very hard. We were not always confident that she would really make it - but she finally made it and of course, we feel very close to her...

Because of the difficulties in the first weeks, Serafina was a bit slower in development, but in the meantime, she has caught up and grown into a normal sized female. We allowed her all the time that she needed for her development and are very satisfied with her development. She has a beautiful triangular head with a ruler-straight profile, a very strong chin and big, perfectly placed ears and wonderful green eyes.

Her temperament is to die for - she is such a friendly little girl who purrs when we look at her. We are so happy and relieved to have won the fight for her life and are now just happy to have her here with us

Serafina was neutered on 26.04.2019 and will now enjoy her retirement with us.

Serafina is the mother of our following litters:  Q3-Litter and T3-Litter

pedigree / more photos

Show results (total 1 show): 1 x nom.

HR*Midola's Phoebe  * 13.09.2020 /  black-classic-torbie

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Phoebe - 12 months old

It is wonderful when "breeder acquantances" develop into real friendships! This is what happened to us with Trpimir to whom we entrusted our Yamina - we exchanged a lot of thoughts and also met "in real" and just got along perfectly well. It was an absolute highlight for us to get a kitten from our old lines from Trpimir, combined with new lines that are really exciting for us!

Phoebe is a beautiful girl in one of my favourite colours: black- classic-torbie - apart from her very interesting pedigree, she has a very nice triangular head with a straight profile, a strong chin and perfectly placed big ears with little lynx tips. She has a strong body carried by long legs and big paws. Her colours are just amazing!

Phoebe is a very friendly girl who purrs when we touch her.

Once again, our deep heartfelt thanks to our friend Trpimir for entusting us with this little treasure - we will take good care of her!

We were sooo sad when Phoebe developped a pyomethra (when she was pregnant with her first kittens) and had to be neutered in an emergency surgery. She is now recovering and will enjoy her life as a happy neuter with us. Unfortunately, these experiences are part of being a breeder...

pedigree / more photos

Link to her breeder: HR*Midola's

Show results: none yet


PT*Farfallina Tree Torún  * 31.05.2021 /  black-smoke/white

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Torún - 8 months old

It was very easy to convince my husband that we absolutely need to have Torún with us because black-smoke/white is one of his absolute favourite colours. So it was decided in a few moments that this little treasure would be moving in with us after Thomas had seen the first photos of him... And in spite of all the problems related with the Corona situation, Torún moved in with us after only a few days 

Torún is a strongly built young man, high on his legs, with a lovely triangular head with a straight profile and a good chin and perfectly placed ears with little lynx tips.  He is a super strong silver contrast and a clear classic-tabby ghost marking.

He was at home with us and our other cats within only a few days and has made friends with everyone  - he is just uncomplicated and friendly with everyone and we are absolutely in love with him

Thank you so much to Fabiana for this adorable boy - we promise that we will take excellent care of him.

Unfortunately, Torún's hormones were too dominant so that he sprayed all over our house at the age of 10 months which made it impossible to keep him fertile any longer - we still refuse to lock our males away or put them in any kind of outdoor enclosures. We then prefer to have them neutered to be able to allow them spending their time on the couch with us. Torún was neutered in April 2022.

pedigree / more photos

Link to his breeder: no website