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Anja & Thomas 

 von Koenen

Luxemburger Str. 41

50374 Erftstadt

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We - Thomas and Anja von Koenen - were born 1957 and 1967 and we share our lives with Norwegian Forest Cats since 1995 and started our breeding program in 1997.

We live in a house with a fenced yard so that our cats are able to get some fresh air and get the feeling of "nature". Our cats live with us as full family members inside our house - we would never want any of them to live in any kind of outdoor cage because they couldn't move the way they want to in there and couldn't get the love and attention from us that they need so badly.

Our aim in breeding is to raise big, healthy and strongly built Norwegians with an adorable, cuddly temperament and this typical expression and look that they should have. We raise our kittens with all our love and much time in our living room. We have decided not to go on holidays anymore, we spend our complete time off from work with our cats and kittens - so our kittens get the best start into their lives and are "trained to love all humans" - may this deep trust in us never be destroyed!

We think that breeding also means selection and for this reason, we only want to breed with well-typed cats that have a typical NFO-look and temperament. And we have already experienced that a very promising youngster does not always develop according to our expectations... We do not breed with such cats, but have them neutered and find good new homes for them which means a very big financial loss for us, especially when we have bought these cats abroad... Of course, there are lots of different opinions about this issue but we think it is wrong to use cats in breeding that do not convince us - just because they have cost some money and therefore should "earn" some money again. This view is most likely common among cat-producers... It goes without saying, that our attitude does not always please others - but we have decided for us to do what is right in our opinion.

Health and wellbeing of our cats and kittens are very important to us, this is why all our cats are validly vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Disease, Rabies and Felina Leukemia. Our breeding cats (or their ancestors) have been tested for GSD IV and for PK Def. We only breed with cats that are GSD IV and PK Def.  N/N.

The harmony in our house and peace among our cats is very important to us - unfortunately, we have made the sad experience that not every cat feels at ease in a household with more than one cat. For this reason, we had to part with some of our cats, but we have never made such a decision quickly or easily - we tried out other possibilities like homeopathic medicine and Bach-Remedy. We don't want to separate our cats from each other permanently (except the fertile boys from the girls that are not supposed to be mated of course). So we hope that our cats will agree to live with us in harmony, for now and in the future....  We have also learned that we will not be able to keep all our neutered cats in our house because we don't want it to get too crowded in here - this cannot be good for any of our cats. We want to give our cats as much love and attention as they need and deserve and we think that this is impossible with too many cats (there are surely huge differences regarding the number of cats that a breeder can take perfect care of which depends on many things) - so we think that we do what 's the best for our cats if we try to find a loving new home for those neuters that do not feel at ease in our group. And so far, we have always managed to find wonderful new homes for the neuters that had to be rehomed - and we are very happy to get regular reports about how they are doing.

You will always find all cats, that are currently living with us, on our website. Unfortunately, we have made the experience that some breeders (for whatever reason) don't present all cats, that live with them, on their website. We think that honesty is very important for cat breeders as well as for anybody else and we don't want to deceive people who visit our website regarding the number of the cats that we have. And you will find all our previous litters in our gallery so that you can see which cat had how many litters and when.

In November 2004, our cattery was inspected by the official veterinary - it was our own wish and request to get the approval by the official veterinarian for our cattery and the way the cats live with us. We got the approval and permíssion for our cattery without any restrictions.



From 2001 until 2021, we supported the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Wellfare) - the Guardian Angels for animals, since 2021 we are member of the organisation "Deutscher Tierschutzbund".





Anja & Thomas von Koenen

Luxemburger Str. 41

50374 Erftstadt

Tel.: +49-(0)2235 466930

Mobile: +49-(0)172-8128186

e-mail: anja@koenis.de