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WE HAVE KITTENS - born 2nd May 2018!

D*Koeni's Serafina World Champion D*Wild Colour Tove
blue-tortie   black-classic-tabby/white

(HCM negative - tested 18.09.2017)


(HCM negative)

(GSD IV & PK def. normal)


(GSD IV & PK def. normal)


Name Colour Gender Status
 Koeni's Tamina blue-tortie / white (NFO g 09) female booked
Koeni's Timón black-classic-tabby (NFO n 22) male booked
 Koeni's Tatiara blue-classic-torbie (NFO g 22) female booked
Koeni's Thor blue (NFO a) male booked
Koeni's Tiama  blue-classic-torbie / white (NFO g 09 22) female booked

Our girls - 28 days old Our kittens - 18 days old
Proud mummy with her kittens - 10 days old Proud mummy with her kittens - 1 day old


World Champion D*Wild Colour Tove


HCM negative

D*Wild Colour Pepito


DK*La Foręt's Isildur
Ch. (D) Wild Colour Melina
Ch. F*Barbara de Stang ar Voud


F*Romulus de Stang ar Voud
F*Raflesia de Stang ar Voud

D*Koeni's Serafina


HCM negative

EC D*Koeni's Bacardi


HCM negative

W. Ch. D*Koeni's Zippo

HCM negative

W. Ch. IT*CatsofNokken Romina

HCM negative

World Champion D*Koeni's Curie


HCM negative

EC S*Ambient Paul

HCM negative

IC D*Koeni's Pamina

HCM negative

  Booking rules (Status)
available:  the kittens is available - inquiries are welcome
Option:  someone is interested, but nothing is decided - inquiries are still welcome
booked:  a contract has been signed and a booking fee has been paid
adopted:  the kitten has moved to its new home

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 Our previous litters can be seen here.

 Malleea - 12 weeks old

Our kittens are raised with a lot of love in our living room and are allowed to explore our entire house when they are old enough.

They are - when leaving home - at least 13 weeks old and then completely vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Disease and Rabies (those kittens that will move abroad or are sold for breeding - these kittens will also get the EU-Pet-Passport) - and they get several treatments against worms while they are growing up. All our kittens will get a microchip. They get a Veterinary Certificate of Health - less than ten days old. Of course, all our kittens get a registered pedigree (KVL e.V.).

On demand, the kittens will also get the vaccination against Feline Leukemia.

All cats in our cattery are validly vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, Respiratory Viral Disease, Rabies and Felina Leukemia.

Our kittens are sold with a written contract and we wish to keep in touch with the new owners. We will be happy to receive some photos of our "Ex-kittens" as it is very interesting for us to follow their development. We will always be there for the new owners of our kittens to help them in any way possible.

 If you are interested in one of our kittens, send us an 

or give us a call: +49 2235 466930

Anja & Thomas von Koenen

Luxemburger Str. 41

50374 Erftstadt

Tel.: +49-(0)2235 466930

Mobile: +49-(0)172-8128186