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World Champion D*Koeni's Zippo  *04.08.2012 - red-smoke (non-agouti confirmed - genetest by Laboklin 04/2013)

HCM: negative - tested 15.11.2013, 30.10.2014 and 18.09.2017 by Dr. Kresken

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n - Biofocus 11/2013

Zippo - 2 years + 6,5 months old

Finally, we have our red male! I had been searching for a red male for such a long time - I wanted him to be classic and preferably also with silver and now, we got such a male in our own litter   So the decision to keep him was already made when he was just born...

Zippo is a very big and strongly built boy with a very beautiful triangular head, a ruler straight profile, strong chin, perfectly placed ears with small lynx tips and very stunning green eyes. He has strong legs and big paws and a long tail. In short, Zippo is very close to being perfect in our eyes   In addition to his outer qualities, he has an absolutely adorable temperament and purrs when we just look at him. He loves having his belly rubbed and is just soooo adorable!

Zippo ended his show carreer with the highest possible title. His show results are really very amazing!

We are more than happy that our dream of a red boy finally became reality. To us, he is perfect inside and outside.

On 27.02.2019, Zippo was neutered and will now enjoy his retirement with us.

Zippo is the father of our following litters: B3-Litter, G3-Litter, F3-Litter, Q3-Litter, A3-Litter

Zippo is the father of the "G2-Litter of Dandy Blue".

pedigree / more photos

Show results (total 31 shows / some German shows with 2 judgements per day): 21 x BIV, 29 x nom., 27 x BIS, 1 x Best own bred kitten SLH, 22 x BOB, 8 x BOA, 2 x 1st place in the Allbreed ring/special Forest Cats (MCO, SIB, NFO), 1 x BOA Class of Honour, 1 x Two-Day-Winner

D*Koeni's Serafina  * 17.08.2015 /  blue-tortie

HCM: negative - tested 18.09.2017 by Dr. Kresken

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Serafina - almost 6 years old

Serafina is our star of both eyes - she had an extremely difficult start into life and in the first weeks, she was a real "problem child" for whose life we had to fight very hard. We were not always confident that she would really make it - but she finally made it and of course, we feel very close to her...

Because of the difficulties in the first weeks, Serafina was a bit slower in development, but in the meantime, she has caught up and grown into a normal sized female. We allowed her all the time that she needed for her development and are very satisfied with her development. She has a beautiful triangular head with a ruler-straight profile, a very strong chin and big, perfectly placed ears and wonderful green eyes.

Her temperament is to die for - she is such a friendly little girl who purrs when we look at her. We are so happy and relieved to have won the fight for her life and are now just happy to have her here with us

Serafina was neutered on 26.04.2019 and will now enjoy her retirement with us.

Serafina is the mother of our following litters:  Q3-Litter and T3-Litter

pedigree / more photos

Show results (total 1 show): 1 x nom.

BE*Peppone des Sorcières  * 09.07.2019 /  red-silver-classic-tabby

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

Peppone - 2 years + 5,5 months old

Peppone is the grandson of our beloved boy Zippo and our Mia and we hope that with him, we will manage to restart our breeding program after having had quite a lot of bad luck with our males in the past. Already a few days after Peppone was born, it was clear that he would be living with us and we are more than happy about our decision.

Peppone has everything we would wish for - a straight profile, strong chin and perfectly placed, big ears as well as being strongly built. But the most important thing about him is his wonderful and friendly temperament - after only a few days, he made friends with our other cats and with us and now, he purrs, when we just look at him. He is a real sunbeam and we honestly hope that he will be the breeding male that we have longed for for so many months...

Thank you so much to Claudine for him - we promise that we will take excellent care of him.

Peppone is father of our H3-Litter and of our O3-Litter.

Much to our regret, we had to have Peppone neutered in July 2022 because he started to spray all over our house. Peppone will now enjoy his retirement as beloved neuter with us.

pedigree / more photos

Link to his breeder: BE*Des Sorcières