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Our Youngsters

D*Neytiri of Dandy Blue  * 26.02.2018 /  black-silver-classic-torbie / white

GSD4: n/n by parentage

PK Def. (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency): n/n by parentage

copyright: Cattery of Dandy Blue

No, it actually did not make much sense to make the little sister of our Jenny become a part of our breeding program - but we were both so much in love with little Neytiri that we just couldn't help it.  And being a bit unreasonable can be so much fun

Neytiri is a very good mix of her parents and combines their advantages. She has a straight profile and a strong chin, perfectly placed big ears and beautiful almond shaped eyes. She is large-framed with a strong boning.  Her strong body ends in a very long tail with a cute white tail-tip

Neytiri has settled in with us and our other cats in a very short time and has already made friends with our other youngsters. She is a very friendly girl and gives us lots of pleasure.

Once again, thank you to Christina for this little high-white treasure

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Link to her breeder: D*of Dandy Blue

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